"Awaiting External DNS" after remove wrongly added A records

  • We need to know your netlify site name. quizzical-raman-636587.netlify.app
  • DNS issues? Tell us the custom domain, tell us the error message!
    • custom domain: saga.so
    • error message: Awaiting External DNS

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Unfortunately I added two new A records with values: and
When I realise my mistake (around an hour) I immediately remove those A records.

Short after that saga.so stoped working, and in Domain management → Production domains
→ saga.so shows “Awaiting External DNS”

I didn’t change name servers. They still are dns1.p04.nsone.netdns4.p04.nsone.net

Is this error (Awaiting External DNS) makes sense in this case?
Any idea how long will take to get saga.so back online?

Thanks for the support.

Best regards
Philip Sotirov

Solved by the support

Thanks a lot @sid.m

Hi there,

I've fixed the issue with the DNS records, your site is back up and running.

Let us know if you need anything else.


Sid | Support Engineer | Netlify

Any idea why netlify drop the dns in this case?

Philip Sotirov

Happy to help! I followed up in your original ticket.