"Domain is already managed by another Netlify DNS team"

Hello Netlify support team.

I am writing in concern to deploy (https://sweet-phoenix-946a48.netlify.app/) - from my most recent account to be setup. My new github repo is axxx000, and former sites were created under adiezz.

A former deploy is in control of my custom domain: quietprojects.online. It has been some time since this was live and present, so I would appreciate help disconnecting it :slight_smile:

I’m not sure if I can still access the former account in question!


Please follow the post below and one of the staff member can disconnect the domain from the old site so that you can add them to your account.

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OK, yes I understand.

My domain provider requires me to upgrade in order to create new TXT, so I will notify once that is complete.

Thank you

Hello again :slightly_smiling_face:

I have managed to add a TXT record for this domain that needs to be released from it’s former Netlify deploy.

Thank you so much for the assistance. It is much appreciated.

Hi @axxx000,

Thanks for reaching out! I’ve verified the TXT Record and you should be able to add the domain to your site now.

Awesome. Thanks @Melvin
I will give it a shot.

I no longer wish to use Netlify at this stage, so I’m presuming it’s all good to place my domain elsewhere now?

Yes, you can point your dns to whatever provider you are looking to migrate to.