Domain hosted on another account - Will "Remove domain" cause downtime?

Hi all,

I’m trying to add a subdomain to my website with a URL of, however I keep getting the “domain_aliases is owned by another account” error. The project was passed from my previous personal Netlify account towards a company specific team account where it now resides (Eight Branches). The website and domain ( is no longer in use on my personal account since we moved it over.

If I follow the information found in this thread and click “remove domain” for on my personal account, will this cause downtime for the website hosted on the Eight Branches Teams account?

Hey @8B_Developer,

You already have a ticket open in the helpdesk about it. Let’s try to resolve it there instead of having duplicate conversations.

But yes, it will cause downtime for the time you remove a domain from one account and add it to another.