Domain expired - please help me recover?

Hi! My domain ( expired and I’d love to know if anyone here can help me recover the same


Hi @MotwaniSuhas

When you say your domain expired, you mean you didn’t renew it? If a domain is recently expired, it goes into limbo for a period. To get it bad during this time can become very costly. However once this period is over (often around 30 days) anyone can purchase the domain.

Looking at whois information shows it is currently registered.

Hi! Yes, I had bought and hosted it on Netlify. I got couple of emails from Netlify saying it’s expired but checking WhoIs shows it’s registered. Does it mean it expired and someone else bought it?

Thanks for your help!

That will depend on when it expired. If it is still in a grace period (ie. recently expired) then you can potentially reactive it (for a fee), however if that grace period has finished and the domain become available again, someone else may have registered it.

It is import to renew domains prior to expiry in order that they remain functional.

I will endeavour to get you some further assistance on this matter.

Hi, @MotwaniSuhas. We have sent you an email about this to troubleshoot privately.

However, please let us know with a reply here if you don’t receive a message from us.

Just responded on DM! Thanks so much for your support, hope it gets resolved :slight_smile: