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Does netlify custom domain support all country codes?


I have a website to which I want to add a custom domain ending with .ro, a Romanian domain name. Is it supposed to work?

I am asking, because for any website domain that I add to the custom domain search box of Netlify, it tells me that:

****.ro already has an owner. Is it you?

I tried some totally random domain names like: lsj8781i18wudjaj01.ro, and the result is the same. I really don’t want to purchase a .ro domain and realize that it is not working.

What would you recommend me do?

Are you trying to buy a custom domain, or add a custom domain that you already own to a site?

I would buy the domain on netlify, as long as it’s possible to buy a .ro domain on netlify.

Otherwise, I will buy a domain from another site, configure the domain by adding an A and CNAME record and add as custom domain to the my site deployed on netlify.

Important for me is to know whether or not I can host a .ro domain on netilfy?

Is not an error. If you do own the domain, you can just go on setting it up as a custom domain.

Yeah, but the issue is I do not own the domain. As I said, I tried a lot of totally random domains and it did not work either. And I checked on a local domain purchasing website and the domain that I am looking to buy is not owned.

It is only Netlify that alerts me that every single .ro domain that I try to add is already owned…

You cannot add custom domains you do not own, of course.

That’s 100% obvious for me and not what I have said :slight_smile:

What I have said is that I attempted to purchase a .ro custom domain from netlify directly and for all domains names that I tried out, this message showed up:

**** .ro already has an owner. Is it you?

What’s the issue with that? Just continue.

hey skoda888,

some domains can not be purchased through the netlify UI - this sometimes happens when registrar’s for different countries require additional information that we don’t ask for in our UI. We are not a domain name registrar - we do contract with name.com to provide the convenience of purchasing a domain for most of our customers through the interface.

That said, if you are purchasing the domain through a different registrar, you can add it to netlify to point at a site you are hosting with us, and you will get that message

" ****.ro already has an owner. Is it you?" as part of that process.

if the domain belongs to you, you will get some additional prompts to verify. If it does not, you can’t use it for yourself :slight_smile:

Can you try purchasing the domain through a registrar of your choice and then adding it to your netlify site?

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