Does deploying from CLI add to Build Minutes?

Does deploying from CLI add to Build Minutes or are they only consumed when you use Netlify’s CI?

Also, if I use Netlify’s authentication server for OAuth authentication, am I bound by the 1k users/site free tier limit or any limit for that matter?


Hi there!

CLI BUILDS use 0 build minutes - we aren’t building for you :slight_smile:

The limit around authorization is for Identity, not Oauth. If you don’t understand the difference (I don’t always myself :grimacing:) let us know more about who you are intending to authenticate and how (“my visitor connects to Okta and …” or “my colleagues connect to netlify to create sites via the API” etc), and maybe we can give a better answer.

Thanks @fool! That definitely clears things up.

As for the authentication part, I should’ve phrased it better. I’m more interested in knowing whether there are any limits in free tier (not specifically number of users) for using OAuth providers? In my case, I’ve added Github OAuth provider to a site and that’s what got me curious. :slight_smile:

nope! We have API rate limits, but that’s the only one you’d encounter, and it is the same for everyone :wink:

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