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Good afternoon!

Been loving Netlify to build my personal blog and portfolio.

I’ve read your FAQ’s but I still don’t understand Build Minutes. At what point exactly would Netlify move me from the Free tier to a paid plan?

Also, I am trying to decide if I want to deploy a third site with Netlify. I am currently using Ghost, but it’s sooo expensive. I am trying to find a more affordable way to run my site. I know Netlify and Ghost can link up but I am not a developer and have no idea how to do this. Currently I am thinking of migrating my Ghost site into WordPress and then import that into Publii (what I am using for my personal sites).

Thanks for any help or advise on this!

Kind regards,

The number of minutes Netlify takes to build your website = build minutes. However, it’s probably rounded off to the closest greatest integer. That is, if it takes 2 mins and 5 seconds to build the website, it would be counted as 3 mins (that’s my guess).

In free plan, everyone get 300 build minutes per month. It’s generally more than enough for most cases, however, anything beyond that would be charged.

I can’t probably guide perfectly in this area as I haven’t used Ghost, but, in general, you’d need to choose a Static Site Generator, choose how you want to add data to it (that is, using local files like Markdown, or a headless CMS like Netlify CMS), choose a template in it (or code one yourself), test it and then deploy it.

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Thanks for the help!