DNS Verification Failed due to domain having multiple A Records

EDIT 2: So I just switched from Netlify to Cloudflare for lu-ka.me, however stevendegraaf.com is still being hosted on Netlify and I’m still getting the 2 A records for some reason.

EDIT: Switching to Cloudflare for now, just to test things out, so the below might not be true anymore

I actually have this error on 2 of my domains.
The Netlify names are: lu-ka-vue.netlify.app and stevendegraaf.netlify.app.
Custom Domains are lu-ka.me and stevendegraaf.com. Both managed through Namecheap.

The actual errors are:

DNS verification failed

Domain lu-ka.me has multiple A records
Domain stevendegraaf.com has multiple A records

We can’t renew your Let’s Encrypt certificate automatically until the issue is resolved. Check our troubleshooting guide for more information on how to fix the problem, and then renew the certificate.

I don’t really understand why this is happening. Running host -t a lu-ka.me indeed shows me that for some reason the domain has 2 A records, but the only configuration I’ve done to the A records was the automated one Netlify gets you to do when setting up the domain.

Navigating to http://lu-ka.me actually works, but obviously my SSL cert is invalid so it throws the Chrome warning screen.

What might be happening here? I don’t know if it’s a coincidence, but the second I put lu-ka.me onto Netlify, I got the error on the other domain.

hey there, a quick update that we are investigating this issue, and we’ll update you when we have a bit more information on what happened here. thanks for your patience.

Sorry to hear you ran into this! We’ve fixed the cause of that error and it should now resolve automatically- so your certificate will be provisioned or renewed correctly. If that’s not the case for you after 24 hours, please let us know.