Cannot renew certificate - domain has multiple A records error

Hello! I’ve been rocking on Netlify for two years and things have been good. I received a cert renewal error email this morning stating that my domain has multiple A records. I cannot figure out why.

Netlify app:
Custom URL:

Netlify manages my DNS

I have the following name servers on my record with my registrar:

The LetsEncrypt cert has renewed just fine in the past. However, I recently added CNAME, TXT, and MX records for my email.

There are two ‘NETLIFY’ type records listed on my DNS. I cannot change those and I assume those are the APEX (A) records? One for and one for

When I run dig, I do get back two IP addresses. 19 IN A 19 IN A

I know Netlify’s load balancer IP is

The second one looks like it traces to Digital Ocean? I am at a loss as to how to resolve this short of transferring DNS back off of Netlify. Any help?

hey there, we are seeing a couple people having issues with this - we are on the case and investigating. we’ll have an update for you soon.

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hey there, we’ve pinpointed the source of the problem, and are working on it. For now we’ve resolved your issue manually - let us know if you are still having problems.

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Best of luck to the ops team!

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thanks, appreciated! sorry for the hiccup and i have passed on your well wishes.