DNS SSL certificate not working and site has connection error

Hey Im using a GitHub repo to upload my site to netlify and from there I have purchased a domain on DreamHost and setup the Netlify dns on there but when i go to the site it was once working now it just gives me an error about “this connection not being private” and doesn’t show anything” i know the dns worked at one point because it was pulling up my site: jordanduran.io but no longer able to do anything with this error popping up. It also doesn’t let me put on a ssl certificate even though my domain is using the netlify dns

Hi @jordanduran! Welcome to netlify community.

Your site’s SSL certificate was just issued about 20 minutes ago. Things should be working better for you now.

It can sometimes take 24 hours or more to get the cert issued. Generally, the reason we are unable to provision a SSL certificate for your custom domain quickly is that the DNS cache time to live (TTL) value for a record has not had time to expire (from your old settings) before you tried to use it with Netlify. Our SSL provider (https://letsencrypt.org) is unable to create certificates for names that have old cached values still in effect.