Dns record for google workspace

I am having issues with setting up my DKIM to authenticate Google workspace email:
I need to add the following TXT DNS record in the admin dashboard in Netlify, which I did
DNS host name (TXT record name):

TXT record value:
(contains the key)

However, upon entering the name as evo-solutions.store._domainkey it changes to evo-solutions.store._domainkey.evo-solutions.store which is not the same as required why is that?

I think the host name should be _domainkey based on what I’ve seen for other sites.

Why does netlify automatically add my domain name to the end of that tho?

That’s just how DNS works, not something specific to Netlify.

I might be wrong, but google requires the namespace to be just evo-solutions.store._domainkey and as i mentioned for some reason netlify adds .evo-solutions.store to the end, which is incorrect. resulting in me not being able to complete the authentication.

Nobody can require that. As I mentioned, that’s how DNS works. Every hostname needs a valid TLD - in your case that’s evo-solutions.store. So if you add foo as the hostname, it would be foo.evo-solutions.store. Not a Netlify limitation/requirement, but how DNS needs to be.

As for the working of the record:

dig TXT +short evo-solutions.store._domainkey.evo-solutions.store


v=DKIM1; k=rsa; p=MIIBIjANBgkqhkiG9w0BAQEFAAOCAQ8AMIIBCgKCAQEAkrk1e1AzQeklY2dUSEGsSasW0lLQ/fIB7XLFydoUmFTl9ovITah7Q+RD7fJlqaYAdcl9wAvjQ4mzaAj0IVIzKdy0iv4ngoVxnkiWYs8tjpcOiVvUgu22XIyrKpa5qXKLlVb4sOcMnRj63gtKmkk3SlHibPZ2AtwX3yEPvXHRRbqXMhP5e3aL4ubqbfxTji33y" "ItSrhtEwEPyUSVA+NlEh+E6Y0cH2qS82SgYrkJO1cwjJRK46DVnXOubeUmJ44EXf43fIB7y/E0aOZK953BFkRM+TMZ7o4W7RK1rZNASM7enTzLQoU3BjJVGfS4b0gB0pxKcdN6UYEwoiyCPt1VW5QIDAQAB

So the value is correctly set and Netlify is responding with that value. If you need further help, contact Google. Netlify can only host and respond to the DNS queries, which based on your setup, we’re doing correctly.