DKIM Record Support - stop automatically appending domain to record name?


I have moved my site over to Netlify DNS and everything has gone smoothly except for my DKIM record. When I use the DNS management panel and add a TXT record for KDIM, it keeps appending my domain to the record name. I want this:


but when I set that as the name, I get this:

I can see why the UI does this in most cases, but it won’t work with my email provider (ProtonMail). Is there a way to enter the DNS entry exactly the way ProtonMail would like?

Hi, @carsongross, and welcome to the Netlify community site.

Any subdomain is automatically added under the domain name being configured. This is true for any DNS service and isn’t something exclusive to Netlify DNS.

If fact, even the ProtonMail docs show this. For example here:

This image is linked to on the page:

The black boxes cover up the rest of the DNS record after the protonmail._domainkey. These records will always exist as subdomain of whatever their parent/apex/root/bare domain is. That is what the screenshot above shows as well.

If there are other questions about creating these DNS records, please let us know.