DNS Propagation/MX records

Why the DNS Propagation still running. Why I am no getting my Let’s Encrypt certificate?

Where do I enter my MX records value?


What’s the domain you’re talking about?

I have to answer right here?

Hi @hrishikesh cigorestaurante.com, is it what you need?


Just looked at cigorestaurante.com. It appears DNS changes have finished propagating and SSL is enabled.

Hi @coelmay, but the server was not found, still not able to open the site. What is probably going on?

It works for me @CMCM

If you are unable to load the site, have you tried a different device and/or different network?

I tried with my computer and now my phone, the address was not found.

The network is good, but still the server can’t be found.

I have successfully accessed the site on a mobile device from multiple locations using a VPN. Suggest this is a local issue either with your computer, network, or that of your internet service provider.

I tried using a different device and didn’t open, network seems to be fine, what could possibly be the problem with internet provider? Because I can open any other website…

If the providers DNS is slow, the updated DNS records may not have propagated there yet.

To clarify though, you are talking about accessing the website?

Or are you talking about sending/receiving email?

If you are wanting access email, I see no MX records for your domain. Have you added the MX records in the Netlify UI under https://app.netlify.com/teams/<your-team-name>/dns/cigorestaurante.com?

Yes @coelmay I am talking about accessing the website and I am also talking about sending an receiving email, I didn’t enter the mx records because I didn’t know where to… Is http you just sent me right?

Under the Domains link at the top of the Netlify U


Check out this support guide for more

@coelmay changing anything on my website is a subject for a charge, like changing the code. I saw that people use github I am not very familiar with that, if associate this account with github the content is public? People can access my files?

If the GitHub repository is public, then anyone could potentially see the files in in (assuming they know where it is or are able to search for it.) You can make your repository private so that people cannot browse it. This does not affect people’s ability to see your website though.
If you change sometime in the repository, Netlify will pick up the changes and redeploy your site with the updated content.

It is ok to see the website, but what about the files teh code?

I’m sorry, what is the question?

@coelmay How long it takes for me to access the website since you tried and worked from your side?

This I cannot answer.