DNS entry mail._domainkey.lists.jdcm.al won’t add

Hi. Hopefully a simple one, I’m trying to add the following DNS entry:

TXT mail._domainkey.lists.jdcm.al
v=DKIM1; h=sha256; k=rsa; p=MIGfMA0GCSqGSIb3DQEBAQUAA4GNADCBiQKBgQCulTCfKc5O7imtbhMXS5RctOAq/XYo+xdIVUxfP3EZvXYxNx2SgzZUWA3yYB7UrmPZtnyU8RTe8JWP7V7O5WfkwXajLpucPVylqh9Y/AzB8qQ5DhMX8xIBu701bQIf55be0q3jK0D4gdjvYutMpojp+YvAT6AsH5wbjui8tzpudwIDAQAB

And while I can type that in the boxes in the DNS panel, the address never actually appears in the list of DNS entries.

Other entries work fine — see _dmarc.lists. This is the only one I have with a 3-level subdomain, could that be why?

You’re currently not configured to use Netlify DNS: [Support Guide] How to detect and fix inactive Netlify DNS zones

dig NS +trace @ jdcm.al
;; UDP setup with 2001:3c8:9007:1::21#53(2001:3c8:9007:1::21) for jdcm.al failed: network unreachable.
jdcm.al.                18000   IN      NS      dns1.p01.nsone.net.
jdcm.al.                18000   IN      NS      dns3.p01.nsone.net.
jdcm.al.                18000   IN      NS      dns2.p01.nsone.net.
jdcm.al.                18000   IN      NS      dns4.p01.nsone.net.
;; Received 153 bytes from in 10 ms

;; UDP setup with 2620:4d:4000:6259:7:1:0:3#53(2620:4d:4000:6259:7:1:0:3) for jdcm.al failed: network unreachable.
jdcm.al.                3600    IN      NS      dns3.p03.nsone.net.
jdcm.al.                3600    IN      NS      dns2.p03.nsone.net.
jdcm.al.                3600    IN      NS      dns4.p03.nsone.net.
jdcm.al.                3600    IN      NS      dns1.p03.nsone.net.
;; Received 125 bytes from in 30 ms

Your domain is reporting p03 from p01.

I’m pretty sure it is. It works, and has done for over a year.

If I try to add another of my domains to Netlify, here’s the setup instruction.

Ugh, new users can only embed one image. I’ll paste the text.

Add a domain to Netlify DNS

Netlify will automatically provision DNS records and wildcard certificates for all subdomains.

  1. Choose domain
  2. Add DNS records
  3. Activate Netlify DNS

Update your domain’s name servers

Last step! Log in to your domain provider and change your name servers to the following:

So it looks like dns[1..4].p0[1..6].nsone.net is the pattern to get on to one of nsone’s load balanced services?

Either way, entries I add to the Netlify DNS console appear in my DNS zone. I added this one days ago.

┗╸curium ❯❯❯  dig a +short lists.jdcm.al

(And, FWIW, even if my domain wasn’t configured properly, I should still be able to add an entry to the console and have it appear in the list. It just wouldn’t actually do anything if my domain was mis-configured.)

Adding more in case this helps someone else in the future.

It seems from IBM’s documentation that you can configure your nameservers to be ns[1..4] at any of p[01..10].nsone.net.

Note: While not recommended unless instructed by a customer support representative, you can override the assigned nameservers by editing the NS record to point to a different NS1 nameserver pool (pools 01-10) in the Managed DNS network. This is possible because all Managed DNS nameservers (excluding those for dedicated namespaces) will answer any NS1 zone published to the shared Managed DNS network.
IBM Documentation

So what we’re seeing in @hrishikesh’s result is that I’m pointing my domain to p01, but NS1 has me hosted on p03. I dare say I could shave a millisecond off my DNS lookups by switching to p03.

Okay … if I delete an unused entry, I can now add this one.

Is there a limit of 17 entries?!

No, there’s no such limit. Something else could be off.

Well, I can now add another entry.

Looks like there’s some odd edge-case bug there. Either way, I’m okay for now. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Savvybot nagged me to come back here, so here I am.

As far as I’m concerned this was a bug, that is now resolved for me. The ‘solution’ was a workaround whereby I deleted an unused entry. Clearly not standard behaviour.

I’ll mark this as the solution just to get the bot off my back.