DNS / Domain: Domain aliases must be unique (conflicting alias)

Hello, I received an email with the following error when Netlify is trying to renew TLS certificate:

Model::RecordInvalid: Validation failed: Custom domain must be unique (arnav.jain.se), Domain aliases must be unique (conflicting alias) (a.jain.se)

To rectify this and as I am no longer using the domain alias, I am trying to remove a.jain.se as an alias to the site in Netlify Domain Management page.

Unfortunately, i am getting the following error when trying to remove the domain alias a.jain.se:

custom_domain must be unique (arnav.jain.se)


Could you help in how I can resolve this issue?

hey there, we actually made some changes today we think fixed this problem. will you check and verify?

I see that the TSL certificate covering both domains (a.jain.se & arnav.jain.se) has been renewed sucessfully, but I am still unable to remove the domain alias a.jain.se. When trying to remove the domain alias i get the same error:

custom_domain must be unique (arnav.jain.se)

Hey @ajain93! Are you still running into this? Taking a look here, it seems like that domain alias no longer exists:

I tried removing the record some days later and then it worked without showing the error.

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great! dns is one of the few things that sometimes fixes itself with a bit of patience :slight_smile: