Disable Netlify Large Media

We have successfully migrated from Netlify Large Media to Netlify Image CDN on a few of our sites and believe we are now ready to disable Large Media on these projects. None of our images are stored in LFS as far as our repo is concerned, we pulled those from LFS storage and manually committed them back to the repo. All of our image processing components have also been refactored to support Netlify Image CDN as well.

Is there anything else we need to do on our end? Or can you all go ahead and disable Large Media for this property?

Site Names:

  • economy-services
  • diagnosticsolutionslab
  • human-centeredstrategy


Hi, @avidnewmedia.

Thanks for letting us know you want to uninstall the Large Media add-on for your sites. Would you please confirm you have read the following Support Guide (and it sounds like you did)?

If you have read that, please confirm you have backups of all files and that we should proceed with removing the Large Media add-on.

From what you have written above, it does sound like everything is read for the Large Media removal. If you confirm we should proceed, we’ll follow-up here once the removal process for the Large Media add-on for these sites is complete.

Hi Luke - Thanks, I just took a look at that article. I have already deleted the .lfsconfig files from each of these projects, not sure if that is an issue or not as the article says not to delete it until you all disable Large Media.

If that’s of no concern let’s go ahead and apply the change to economy-services as I have all the original assets for the project. Once that has been completed, and I can perform some final testing, I’ll confirm on the other 2 properties.

Once you all disable do I just need to perform a new deployment?


Hi, @avidnewmedia. I’m sorry for the delay here. Large Media has been removed from just the economy-services site now. Would you be willing to please test deploying again and confirm that the site still functions correctly after deployment?

If so, please let us know if we should proceed with disabling Large Media from the other two sites.

Thanks @luke - I have re-deployed economy-services and everything is working as expected. We’re good!

Lets go ahead and do the same for diagnosticsolutionslab and human-centeredstrategy as well.


Hi @luke just following up on this issue.


@avidnewmedia I’ve removed large media from diagnosticsolutionslab and human-centeredstrategy. Let us know if you need anything else!

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