Disable Netlify Large Media and Backup already tracked Files


I’m running a few forestry.io sites coupled with nuxt.js frontends published via netlify.com – as forestry is being shut down and replaced (by tina.io) by the end of this month, I’m working on migrating the sites and sadly the new replacement cms does not support Netlify Large Media as forestry did anymore.

The site quizzical-mclean-56d5c1.netlify.app has Large Media set up for all images on the website – and I was now searching for a way to 1) backup all those images (if possible just reintegrate them all in the original repository) and once that’s done 2) disable Netlify Large Media.

Looking through other support posts, you usually ask the user if they have a backup of all files already – we do not have a backup of the files though sadly, they currently only exist on Netlify Large Media – and it would be really helpful to find a way to re-track all of them if possible. I could not find any hints on this in the Netlify Large Media docs, just for the inverse process (tracking new files or tracking already existing files inside repos).

Thanks lots for your help!

Hi @mindshaped :wave:t6: , welcome to the forums!

Since you do not have a backup of your files outside of Netlify Large Media, the first step would be to download all the files from your Large Media storage to your local machine using our CLI.

Once this is done can you write back confirming you are happy to proceed so we can disable Large media?

Hi @SamO , thanks so much for the welcome & answer!

I didn’t realize that I can just use the default gif lfs pull command to reintegrate all files into the repository – I will report back again here as soon as I have everything ready and backed up for deactivating Large Media.

Awesome thanks for letting us know!