Deployment of a Remix app with Vite build

Site name: fluffy-pony-237262

I have Remix application. I was build on top of the Netlify Remix template. As Remix is going to migrate to Vite, I decided to give it a go.

The end result is that there are no functions deployed.

I updated the netlify.toml: Publish is now “build” instead of “public”. The structure of the deployed directory is somewhat different but it’s all there.

I see no errors on build log. Only the mention that no functions were deployed.

What other changes I need to do to get Netlify deploy the typical function that is needed here?

@jari Is there a public repository for this project?

@nathanmartin Unfortunately no. This is a commercial website.

@jari That’s perfectly fine, just means I cannot help.

Best of luck getting it sorted out!

@nathanmartin Would would you look for initially?

@jari The thing I look for initially I’ve already done, which is checking the site to get an idea of what you may have deployed.

The fact there is nothing there combined with the info you’ve given leads me to suspect you’re probably right and the configuration may just be wrong in some basic way.

When people have a public repository, (usually they’re just working with some starter kit they didn’t even code), I’m able to quickly assess what’s happening much faster than they could possibly hope to explain.

I don’t help in a “private” fashion as I’m not a Netlify employee and am more interested in the fact that a successful answer may be useful to hundreds of other developers that encounter it in future.

The site appears to be working now, so it’s likely @jari self solved using the Build configuration documentation.

For lack of a better post I’ve marked their last post as the solution.

The problem was not solved. I rolled back the project back to the original Remix build without Vite. That’s why the project is now working.

I removed the “Solution” flag and still wish to get a working Netlify integration with The Vite+Remix.

@jari Can you create a minimum reproduction that demonstrates the issue you’re having?

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