How do I deploy a Remix Vite app to Netlify Edge Functions?

Remix recently gained support for Vite, how do I deploy it to Netlify Edge Functions? Do I have to use @netlify/vite-plugin-netlify-edge for that?

hiya :wave:t6: welcome to the Netlify support forums! To deploy a Remix application with Netlify Edge Functions, you don’t need to use the @netlify/vite-plugin-netlify-edge. Instead, you can follow these steps:

  1. Create a new Remix app to deploy on Netlify. When the CLI prompts you to select the type of functions to run your Remix app with, select Netlify Edge Functions. You can follow the steps in the Remix on Netlify documentation.
  2. Deploy your edge functions using continuous deployment or [Netlify CLI manual deploys](Get started with Netlify CLI | Netlify Docs. If you’re using manual deploys, make sure you’re using CLI version 12.2.8 or later.

Please check out the full library of reference examples and the Edge Functions documentation

Thanks for the reply, but I already have a Remix app bootstrapped with the template netlify/remix-template deployed to edge functions. I’m trying to move over to the vite-based remix template because the local developer experience is much better.

Not yet supported. Will probably be done eventually.