Problems Deploying Remix v2 Site

Here is my deploy URL My Failed Site

I am trying to deploy my Remix v2 site. Obviously got the typical it works on my computer :wink:

I am using the Netlify Remix template from here :-

However I keep getting a Page Not Found response.
I am not sure what else to do (apart from try and go back to Remix v1)

Any help is appreciated.


Your site didn’t deploy any Functions or Edge Functions required by Remix to work. Thus the 404. Have you tried deploying the template without changing anything? If that works, I’d suggest comparing it piece by piece against your codebase.

Thank you for pointing this out. It seems not only has the routing system changed over in v2 but a lot of other things as well.

I did as you asked and and did not change anything and lo and behold, it worked!

I will continue using the Netlify template from now on. Thanks for your help.

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Hi :wave:t6: thanks so much for writing back in and sharing your resolved your issue.

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