Deploy previews delayed 30+ min


We’re trying to install a new build integration (Sentry). We’ve created several PRs to test, but none of them are building. On Github, it says “Expected — Waiting for status to be reported”.

We’re used to seeing the build queue up in Netlify almost immediately, so we thought it might be an issue with the github integration. We removed the integration and reinstalled, but no luck.

We’ve opened and closed a few PRs to try and trigger the deploy, but didn’t see anything immediately. Now that I’m typing this though, I see a PR from 35 min ago building.

Any ideas?

Hi, @Refold. There was an incident reported at GitHub during this time window:

That incident is now resolved. Are you still seeing this the delay between pushing commits and builds being triggered?

There’s no longer a delay between push and build, but there’s still a very long delay before the deploy status and preview link appears in Github. It’s blocking our merge process because we require successful build before merging to main.

This status is from a build that finished 40 minutes ago:

In fact, it looks like these statuses never sync to github. Here’s another PR:

What’s strange is that other Netlify statuses do sync. It’s just the deploy preview that doesn’t.

This is still a problem. Anyone got any ideas?

Hey there, @Refold :wave:

Thanks so much for your patience here. We have tried reproducing this on our end but are unable to. Can you please send a screen recording or a small reproduction so that we can share this with the team who owns this?

Hi Hillary, thanks for getting back to me.

To clarify, the original issue (the 30 min delay) is now fixed.

The current issue is that the deploy preview status never updates. I’m not sure how to show you a repro beyond a screenshot and maybe a link to the PR on github. Let me know what additional information I can provide. Thanks!

Hey there,

My first suggestion is can you try relinking the repo and see if that solves this issue? Please note if you do this, you will need to reset your environment variables.

If resetting the repo does not work, can you confirm if your repo public? If so, can we make a PR to test this? This will let us see the updates that are happening, etc.

If it isn’t public, can you invite either @gualter or @hrishikesh to the repo?

Hi Hillary,

I’m just getting around to trying this. We’ve been manually posting the deploy previews for the past week.

I’ve disconnected everything I can find between netlify and github, but new PRs are still seeing this dead status:

No idea why it hasn’t cleared.

I’m going to try relinking now to see if that overrides the status. But if not, I’ll need to invite your engineers to take a look. What are their github handles? cc @gualter @hrishikesh

How about you let us know if you can get it working before you invite us? How’d the re-linking go?

Hi, @Refold. I also see deploy notifications configured here:

Would you please try removing all of those notifications? (You can leave the email notifications active, as they have nothing to with the notifications on the repo.)

After re-linking things are working again! Thanks ya’ll.

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Glad to know that solved it! Happy building :rocket: