Deploy omits images for vuejs projects


my site is (permalink to deployment) and the deployment is without any image assets ;(. I was able to follow up on integration fine.

When I run the yarn build command on my laptop, I can see the following:

~/C/2/ $ ls -1 dist/                                                                                                                                         Mon 18 Apr 2022 09:56:49 AM CEST

However, when I inspect the deploy from the netlify page (generate zip, download, inspect) it is missing the images folder. The images are kinda small (like 100kb).

Am I missing anything?

Hey @stereoit

Static assets for a view project (i.e. anything that doesn’t require building such as images) should live in the public directory, not dist as the latter is written during build.

See Static Assets Handling

Hi and thank you, but how am I supposed to fix his?

The assets of course are in the /public folder and they are copied to the /dist folder during yarn build. But they are not picked by Netlify deploy process, when I download the deployment it is simply not the same content compared to what yarn build produces on my laptop.

I was also looking into the deploy settings and it only allows one final folder to be copied :frowning:

And here is the public repository working as a source:

I see no public directory in the repository you shared, which shows the last commit was 2 months ago

Building locally, the CSS file created is empty and there are no images so /images/golf.jpg is missing.

Yes, because everything is built to a single directory which is then deployed.

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Thank you, I’ve put for some reason /public into the .gitignore. So I had the files on my local machine only. It is now working just fine. Thank you


Thanks for coming back and letting us know! Happy building :rocket: