Delegating Netlify DNS on a Google Domains registered domain

We recently transferred our domain to Google Domains. They’ve automatically set up the DNS settings. We’ve tried to register for Netlify DNS but “a DNS zone for this domain already exists on NS1.”

Because this isn’t a part of Netlify, we don’t have access to name servers or anything like that. I’ve reached out to Google Domain’s support team, but they insist on these name servers.

Exactly how can we “delegate” this domain to Netlify DNS?

The domain is There’s no project connected at the moment, so downtime isn’t a problem.

Hey @noahlst

Have you check out this support guide

Yes, we’ve come across this article. As suggested, we asked Google Domains to remove the DNS NS1 zone but to no avail.

Have you tried the next option of contacting NS1 directly?

These are the records in NS1

% dig		60	IN	A		60	IN	A

These are Vercel IP addresses

% whois | grep -i organization
Organization:   Vercel, Inc (ZEITI)

Have you previously used Vercel?

Thank you and sorry for leaving you hanging @coelmay

We haven’t tried contacting NS1 but that might be the next step.

The domain was purchased through Vercel in July. Then we transferred it to Google Domains.

If you purchased through Vercel you might try contacting them first before contacting NS1.

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Perhaps? Would they still have control over that given it has been transferred? It’s a good approach though

They created the NS1 record, so I believe they have the ability to remove it, even if the domain is transferred out.