I can't set up dns for my domain

I can not set up a custom domain for the website.

ERROR: is already registered. If you registered this domain name through a different registrar (/I NEVER DID/), select Add domain to begin delegating it to Netlify.

ERROR: A DNS zone for this domain already exists on NS1, the DNS provider backing Netlify DNS

Netlify is the only platform I’ve ever used to deploy with this domain. All DNS settings are in place with Google domains.

SITE NAME: gilded-sopapillas-2b8afd
DOMAIN: anastasiiashulga.com

Please help.

Hi @nycruslan1992,

Hi there, sorry to hear you are having some domain woes :frowning: Give this guide a read through, hopefully it will solve your problem. Let us know if it doesn’t.

Thank you for your reply,

I didn’t purchase my domain from Name.com.

anastasiiashulga.com is from Google domains.

I don’t have a delete zones option in my netlify account.

This domain was working fine here a a couple of months ago and suddenly it’s broken.

Any suggestions?

Hi can you check that your DNS on google is pointing to Netlify? Also did your subscription for google domains lapse?

Hey, I’ve added four domain nameservers to the google custom name servers configuration.

Got a message on google domains: These DNS settings are active. Changes are published immediately, but may take time to propagate.

My google domain subscription for ‘anastasiiashulga.com’ will be auto-renewed on March 24, 2023. So it’s active as of Feb 7, 2023.

Hi, @nycruslan1992. Someone created a DNS zone for this domain in at ns1.com. NS1 is a DNS infrastructure as a service (IaaS) provider.

NS1 provides DNS services for many companies. I don’t know if they still use it but, for example, Squarespace historically used NS1 for DNS infrastructure (and the might continue to do so today).

So, what has happened is that some other company made a DNS zone at NS1. There can only be a single DNS zone for a domain. As one already exists, Netlify cannot make one. As Netlify didn’t create the one which already exists at NS1, Netlify cannot delete it.

There are two possible ways to address this:

  • A) You sign-up for a free NS1 account and make a support ticket with them to have them delete the DNS zone. It must be you that does this as the domain owner must do so.


Which to do is up to you. I will say that option B above will be faster and can be done without the assistance of anyone at NS1.

​Please let us know if there are any questions or if the chosen solution doesn’t work as promised.

Thank you for the explanation.

I’ve been hosting this app under this domain with Netlify for a year or so. So initially I created DNS Zone when I first host it. And it suddenly stopped working a month ago.

Wondering how is it possible somebody, who is not the owner deleted it and created a new one :thinking:

Hi, @nycruslan1992. The key thing to note is that the DNS zone at NS1 is not under Netlify’s account (as I double-checked to be certain of this before I replied the last time).

For example, let’s say Squarespace does still use NS1. One possible workflow is this:

  • You delete the DNS zone at Netlify (which deletes our DNS zone in NS1 for the domain).
  • You sign-up for Squarespace and enter a domain into a configuration there.
  • Squarespace creates a DNS zone in NS1 for the domain.
  • You never change the name servers to the Squarespace name servers.
  • Eventually, you stop working on Squarespace and return to Netlify.
  • You try to add a DNS zone at Netlify and we to try to create a DNS zone for the domain at NS1.
  • At this point, the Squarespace DNS zone still exists in NS1 and this prevents Netlify from making a DNS zone for the same domain in that service.

The NS1 API only tells us that the domain is taken. It does not tell us which other customer of NS1 created the DNS zone as that is privileged information which should not be shared.

About this:

There is no way for me to answer this. It wasn’t done at Netlify. It was done on some other service. NS1 could tell you. The other service could tell you. However, I don’t have any way to determine what the other service is. You, as the owner of the domain, can ask NS1 and they will almost certainly tell you the answer.