Dedicated IP address

Is it possible to apply a dedicated IP address to /

If so how can I go about it? The domain is currently registered through google domains.

Thanks for your help

Hey @rayrshah :wave:t2:

I’m not sure exactly what you mean by your question - typically folks ask for dedicated (static) IP addresses when they’re hosting a web server and want to be able to make inbound or outbound connections to/from that web server with a known IP address (for various reasons) but inherent to the architecture of Netlify, there is no root web server. All of the files generated during the build process are shipped out and distributed to many CDN nodes globally. There’s also no active runtime process running that you could connect to anyway.

This feels like it may be an [XY question[( - is this for getting DNS hooked up correctly? What are you trying to achieve, exactly?

Hope that helps!