Using netlify and EC2 API server... configuration help

I’m using Netlify to host a static app and using EC2 as my API server. I’m trying to use the domain name that I purchased on Route53 on Netlify and use it to point towards my EC2, but I’m having a tough time figuring out how this would work?

I don’t think I can let Netlify host my DNS records, because I’m using an Application Load Balancer on AWS which is behind a VPC. Haven’t confirmed this.

I’m thinking about creating a CNAME for to handle my API requests and then create an A name for the base domain on Netlify.

Any thoughts on how best to handle this?

I’d suggest using Netlify DNS and configuring Route53 with Netlify’s name servers, so long as we’re not inhibited by your setup at AWS. It’s worth a try!

Though, you can still use a domain at Netlify and have your DNS elsewhere.

Then, you can proxy to EC2 with a simple redirect rule.

Interested to hear how things go!