Help to point domain to IP

Domain in question:

Issue: Need help understanding how to point that domain in the DNS settings to a specific IP held by another company.

I am not familiar with much of the requirements of DNS etc., but I have on one side a domain I bought with Netlify, and on the other an IP provided by another host where sits the project I would like the domain to point to.

What do I need to do?

Note: I could not link the GitHub repo for Netlify to deploy as this is not a static site.

Thanks in advance for your help.

You’d need to first remove the NETLIFY record, here:

and then you can add a new “A” record for that IP.

Thanks for this, it does feel like progress.

Do I also have to add the NS records of the host? I tried both, and the page still shows up in error.

Nevermind me, there was a remnant of things in my local hosts file that caused an issue when trying to access the URL. All is good, thanks for your help!

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