Deactivated Builds

I have stopped continuos deployment and build too form my site but I can see builds are still active and my minutes are still being used when I update any blog from Netlify CMS. I want to stop build until I migrate data from my live site. Please advise.

My site is blank completely when I reactivate the build and publish the deploy. Please check whats wrong?

hi there, can you post a screenshot of your build settings please?

My site is blank, why its not loading please check that too

Do I need to publish every production one by one? I dont see the changes I make to repo, it all started when I deactivate the builds and then updated netlify cms and github repo few times, then activate builds but all changes doesn’t show up. Can you please explain how it works.

On the producttion admin it shows one listing:

But on the main site admin it is empty:

Whats wrong?

hey @emmadigital, this has become a bit more of a cms question so i have re-categorized it - maybe one of our cms pro’s has insight. @tomrutgers?

Thanks @perry for your response. Beside cms the main site is also not loading can you check this too.

Does your config.yml have the right branch settings? Make sure your deployment branch is the same as the one defined in your config (or vice versa).

Thanks @tomrutgers for your promot response.

Yes its set to master branch
It was working before. From yesterday it started happening, please check my config.yml.

You’re using the editorial workflow. Your posts probably still have a draft status. Check the Workflow tab and mark them as ready. You can also change a posts status from the edit post view, there’s a drowdown set status in the top right corner.

Thanks @tomrutgers for your prompt response, The issue is with the pages collection its not showing this page under pages collection:

Check above screenshots as well before the There was one entry in Testimonials List now its empty, whereas I have this entry in my repo

Any build errors? If the build doesn’t finish, the changes won’t be visible on your live site either…

There is no build failure. I cleared the cache and re dployed the site, there is no build error:

The site is blank as well
Everything was working before yesterday.

If I browse the production site, it shows the testimonials page which I was talking about:
(why its not showingup in the main site)

Whereas if I go to admin of this production, I don’t see the testimonials page

The blank site problem is resolved but this above CMS problem still there. Any suggestions @tomrutgers why its like that?

The issue is resolved, thanks!