Stop site from building when changes are published

Hello! I was wondering if it is possible to stop builds on a site when changes are submitted via Netlify CMS? I am scheduling a build with GitHub actions to save build minutes and just wanted to know if i could keep builds on so the build hook still works but not have it run every time a change is published? Thank you in advance

Hey @Munson1970,
You’ll have to make an API call to lock, then unlock, deploys. Here are the calls you need:

Let us know if that works for you!

Just to make sure, this is possible through github actions right? Sorry i am very new at http requests

Oh ok, i actually got it to work but it didnt solve the problem, i want it to actually stop building not just stop deploying when github is activated, is there a way to do that?

Essentially, i never want the site to build except for at 1am every night no matter how many changes are committed to github, we made this site for a client and we are using netlify CMS and each change they make would trigger a build and i just want to prevent that from happening but also leave the builds on so that my github action can still run a build using the build hook

It seems like that may be possible using #5 on this list i found on your guys’ site

Maybe you can try using the ‘ignore build’ feature described here But instead of checking for changed files, you can check the time and return the proper exit code based on that. Would that work for you?

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That worked! I was able to check if it was 1AM and cancel the build if it wasn’t. Thank you guys for the help!