Customer in Cyprus (Europe) cannot access our app - Cablenet ISP

Hi, our site name:

Please see the following screenshots below when they try to access our app. Their ISP is Cablenet which is the same as their mobile provider - their neighbor’s WiFi is a different ISP and the site DOES work when they go next door, as does using a VPN.

In the event their ISP needs IP addresses, can you please provide the current list of IPs for our site closest to Cyprus? Thank you.

Hi @policenauts, did you manage to find a solution to this?
Seeing the same issue on my side.

No, still waiting for someone from Netlify support to chime in with the IP addresses so I can give my customer something to go back to his ISP with.

Netlify doesn’t have any static IP to provide, unfortunately. Most of our IPs are those of various AWS and GCP instances though, so not sure why any ISP would want to block that.