Whitelisting IP range for a site with dynamic IPs

Hi all,

Thanks for taking the time to help me out. I’ve recently launched a site with a decent amount of traffic hosted on Netlify, www.visitingroomproject.org or visitingroomproject.netlify.app, and almost everything has gone smooth.

However, I have heard from some institutions that have run into issues where their Firewalls have blocked access to the site, and it’s tricky for those with IP-only firewalls. I can’t provide them with a range of IPs to whitelist because there doesn’t seem to be one in the documentation, and there is not a clear way for me to set up the site with a static IP instead.

What would you recommend for this case?

Hi @francamps,

Since Netlify is a CDN which constantly keeps on adjusting traffic on different nodes, it’s not possible to provide a list of static IPs. There’s no static list of CDN servers, we keep adding and removing nodes many times, thus, any list we provide now would soon be outdated.

I don’t see a good way to tackle this issue except trying to use VPNs or proxy which can provide you static IPs to access the site.