Will my netlify project have a static IP?

Hi, beginner here.

I did check some other posts which had some general info but not sure whether it will meet my use case.

Basically, I want to use a certain API for a project that I’d like to deploy on netlify. The API requires you to whitelist an IP address that the API can be used from.

From the other post I read on here it seems that I will be able to find the IP address for the project I deploy? And is there any way to know whether that IP address will be static so that the app doesn’t stop working if the IP keep changing?

My idea being that I can use the api, host it on netlify and whitelist the netlify IP address associated with my app with the API… Then All of the users of the app will be able to use it?

Thanks for any input.

Short answer @JH9001 is no, there is not a list of IP addresses used by Netlify for inclusion in a whitelist. There are numerous threads on these forums that discuss this. A recent one is

As mentioned in the last post of the thread there are ways around this such as using a rewrite with a header to ensure the request is coming from the Netlify-hosted site.