Custom domain not accessible in Pakistan, but working fine in Singapore

Hello everyone,

I recently set up a custom domain for my website on Netlify and it’s working fine in Singapore, but I’ve been receiving reports that the site is inaccessible in Pakistan and visitors are seeing a “blocked” message.

I’ve checked with my domain registrar and they confirm that the domain is registered correctly and pointing to the right IP address. I’ve also checked with my hosting provider (Netlify) and they don’t seem to be aware of any issues.

Has anyone else faced a similar issue before, where a custom domain is inaccessible in certain countries? I’m not sure if this is a DNS issue or something else entirely.

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

The only time I’ve heard of something like this is here:

but that’s not a Netlify issue - the users’ ISP has blocked the access to Netlify, not something we can control.