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Contributors being asked to log into Netlify when rebasing from upstream

I am using the Netlify CLI and dev environment. Contributors are encouraged to fork our GitHub repo and contribute PRs using the git feature branch flow. However, when rebasing from upstream, they are encountering an error asking for the netlify login credentials.

Hi, @brenton. Large Media is a replacement Git LFS service. To upload Git LFS objects, access credentials are required. With Large Media, those access credentials are connected to a user at Netlify.

If you intend for other people to work with this repo that do not have access to the team at Netlify, then it won’t be possible to use Large Media for this site.

I see you have already requested the Large Media add-on be removed from this site in a new topic and I have replied to you there was well.

EDIT: There is additional documentation about this at the link below:


I didn’t realize this. Thanks for pointing me to that documentation, I had missed it.

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