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Netlify Asks For Credentials on every push when used with Git lfs and Netlify Large Media

I am using Netlify Large Media with Git LFS and whenever I want to push a commit it asks for the username and password of the relevant user. Now, whenever I tried to add username and password in the CLI but it failed to push the changes however it gets pushed when Netlify CLI is installed. But it is too much hassle to install Netlify CLI for everybody who’s gonna work on this project and I don’t want to put much effort just to set up a project just to optimize image sizing.

My Questions Is that is there any way that I can skip Netlify auth (i.e. pre-push) and directly push the changes to remote changes? I would like to manually push the git-lfs changes instead of running the pre-push hook every time

Hi, @MuhammadAbdullah. You can skip the hook when pushing with git push --no-verify. However, you still cannot make a fresh clone of the repo without installing Netlify CLI and its Git credential helper so even that workaround won’t let you set up a development environment for new developers.

To summarize, it doesn’t sound like using Large Media will be compatible with your project. Either everyone will need Netlify CLI access or you can choose to not use Large Media.

If you would like to uninstall Large Media, please read the following support guide and then let us know when you are ready for us to remove it:

If there are questions about any of this, we’ll be here to answer.

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