Configuring Custom no-reply email

(Personal opinion: You require far too much data to expose to the public to get support, so I am withholding some information. You have access to my account and site and can see the real values. Perhaps this is not the case with a Pro account, and no offense intended.)


Feature: Outgoing email address

I tried to use a custom email address:

Sender email address: 
  - This is an alias for my company email address (see below Server login)
SMTP server host:
SMTP server port: 587 (default)
Server login:
Server password: [pw for]

It appears that this does not work. We are also trying to set up our custom OAuth dialog form, etc, and we are getting this error from GitHub app:

Redirect URI Mismatch:
  • How do I test whether my is working given that we have a problem with our OAuth?

  • How do I reset to the default This currently doesn’t work because the settings dialog does not allow me to clear the fields. There should be a Reset Defaults button that also auto saves.

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

Amazing. I just found that possibly 465 is the expected port for

I still need to know how to test any such configuration without our custom authentication dialog with OAuth working.

Hi @VaughnVernon,

As requested in the other thread, the settings have been reset.