Client website is down suddenly


I’ve got a client who’ve I’ve recently started hosting their website on Netlify.

We had an issue with the email service so I changed their MX records earlier today so they can start receiving emails again to their custom email domain.

However, the site is down now and I have no clue why. :frowning_face:
The URL is

Could the changing of the MX records have taken the site down temporarily?

This is the error message:

Any help is much appreciated!

hi @LouieRichardson99

Did you changed the nameservers as well? I can see you have an active DNS Zone with us but the domains point elsewhere:

❯ host -t NS name server name server name server name server

Maybe you changed that as well? You can either use your own registrar’s DNS management or delegate that to Netlify (which I’m inclined to believe you were doing)

Hope this helps!

Hi @gualter,

We changed the nameservers on Google Domains to the ones Netlify provided.

Maybe they haven’t fully propagated yet. For future reference, we have a guide that shows how to do this with zero downtime:

Ahh so it looks like we weren’t using the name servers in our Google Domains!

If I switch to the Netlify name servers will the mail service go down?

depends if you have the proper TXT records in place on Netlify’s end. If you do, once you change and the new DNS nameservers are in place, it’ll start reading the same MX records so there shouldn’t be downtime!

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