Changes work locally but not after updating on github and redeploying to Netlify

my domain:

I am using React + tailwind css and dynamically updating my css. Dynamic updates were being applied on Netlify except this latest change:

<div className= {`text-${(walletTraits.includes(`${chosenTrait.BackgroundID}`))||(solidBG.some(ai=> chosenTrait.BackgroundID===ai))?"spot-yellow":"[red]"} font-bold pr-3`}>Background: </div>

The second condition after the || isn’t being applied. If chosenTrait.BackgroundID is a part of the solidBG array, the spot-yellow colour must be applied.
Again this works perfectly on my localhost. It stops working on netlify. The first condition {(walletTraits.includes(${chosenTrait.BackgroundID}` still works fine.

Problem was solved by clearing cache and redeploying.

Thanks so much for coming back and letting us know! Happy building :rocket: