Tailwind styles not applying after deploying with github repo

Hi there, I was trying to get my personal website to work, at first when I deployed it manually it worked just fine and all the styles were applying, although I made the switch to github repo as I’m using git in vs code to push changes, when I did this the tailwind styles don’t apply anymore

the folder structer is

tailwind config
//all public .html

and my deploy setting are:

“base directory” : /
“package directory” : not set
“build command” : not set
“publish directory” : /src

the domani is fil-design.it

Thank you all!

Hi @Filippo,

Thanks for reaching out and welcome to Netlify’s Support Forums!

Could you share your Netlify domain (such as example.netletify.app)? That’ll help us investigate the issue. Thanks!

Thank you melvin, I eventually sorted it out!

Thanks for reaching back out and confirming found your solution!