Tailwind Styles not redering after deploying to Netlify

Hello All,

Working on a project and trying to get it deployed, the build seems to go well dont see any errors in the logs, and I can get the react app to render properly when I run the production build locally, and it looks like its bringing over my custom colors as well as some of the font changes just none of the flex stuff, and my routes seem to be okay. Ive poured over documents but I cant seem to find an exact fix to this problem. When I inspect the page I get no errors in the console and it looks like the static files are in the sources tab

Ive changed the tailwind.config file, adjusted a few things in the index.html, deleted then reinstalled node_modules and other files not exactly sure where else to look from here.

Link to site:

Link to Repo:

Hiya, :wave:t6: welcome to the forums! Can you share your build settings? Are you using continuous deployment?