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Hi, few months a go i created a portfolio website and bought a custom domain with Netlify. I now created a new portfolio website and i am wanting the custom domain to now point to the new website. Anyone know how i can do this. Thanks

Hi @Kroplewski-M,

Thanks for reaching out!

Typically, you would remove the custom domain from the first site, and then add it to the second site. You’ll also may need to update the DNS settings depending on if you’re using Netlify DNS or External DNS. You can find our Support Guide on how to setup DNS here:

If you have any other questions, please let us know which site you have the custom domain on, and which site you want to move the custom domain onto. Thanks!

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So do i remove all these and then set it to my new website? The new Url that i want it to point to is However im having an issue if you could help. In local host all my images are loading correctly but if you click the link and go onto Skills&Projects none of the images are loading. Would you know why? I am looping through an object array that grabs all the image urls to load them on the website. This is an example of a src: “./src/assets/images/projects/blogger.png”. This is the Github if you want to look at it. Thanks for the help!

Hi @Kroplewski-M,

Thanks for the follow-up.

If you would like the custom domain on site magenta-syrniki-a5960b, you’ll need to remove the custom domains from here:

by clicking on Options, then Remove Domain.

Next you’ll want to remove the NETLIFY and NETLIFY 6 Records for, here:

You will then need to go here and add by clicking on Add custom domain.

In regard to the images not loading on Mateusz Kroplewski I do see the image under Projects and the Github icon. For the other images assets, do any of the suggestions in this Github issue help solve the images not loading?


Hi thanks ye i managed to sort both out, my site changed and fixedthe images thanks!

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