Page Not found after deleting domain

Hi Team,

I’m facing 404 page not found error for my custom domain:

I’ve recently switched the hosting to a different provider, and i want to use that provider to redirect pages and netlify. could you please help me out to understand what\s the issue

netlify internal id: 01H1EP33JTY073GSHN868HYA2F

This domain is not pointing to Netlify. You need to configure DNS records for it.

Check out this support guide

And this documentation

Thanks for replying @jasiqli ,
are you suggesting to delete some records from DNS records?

the reason why I’m understanding delete, as I want to unlink the domain from netlify and move to a different web hosting provider

As @jasiqli said, the domain in not pointing to Netlify, so this appears to be solved already.

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It would appear you have already done this.