Certificate is not valid


I deployed two websites today and am seeing an issue with the certificates issued through Netlify and Let’s Encrypt. When I visit the websites directly through the Netlify GUI, there is no issue. However, when I try to access them directly at https://ericarabinovich.com/ and https://thevoidapp.com/ on Google Chrome, I am seeing the following:

I noticed that the links through Netlify are instead https://www.ericarabinovich.com/ and https://www.thevoidapp.com/ so it appears that for some reason the certificate is not working completely, although the Netlify GUI shows that it should work for both www.url.com and url.com. How can I fix this issue?

Both websites use custom domains that were registered elsewhere previously and transferred to Netlify DNS today, and both sites show that they have HTTPS enabled on the Netlify GUI.

Any help would be appreciated, thank you.

Hey @erabinovich3

Both sites load with SSL in Chrome (and Firefox) for me

I suggest the issue is local. You might try an incognito window to test.

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Hi @coelmay

Thank you for your quick response. Accessing the sites on incognito gave me the same certificate issue, but accessing through Firefox works just fine. I think the issue is with my home internet’s dns servers, so I guess I’ll just have to wait it out until they update.

Thank you!

I had the same problem.

Solution was to renew certificate after changing the domain information (which at this time was not specified in the docs)

Options found under: Site settings > Domain management > HTTPS > Renew Certificate

Thanks for sharing that solution, @Patrick_0! We appreciate it!