Two of my netlify sites suddenly seem to have invalid ssl

I have a handful of sites here on Netlify, and most continue to work fine, but two of them all of a sudden today no longer resolve correctly and I get the invalid certificate setting.


Neither of them have been deployed/published in a long while, and none of my settings have changed. The domains are still valid, etc. But they no longer work.

Please advise. Perhaps I’ve missed some required update to them?

hey there, the latter loads perfectly for me, but the former doesn’t. :thinking:

could you pop a screenshot of your dns settings please?

Ooo, so… the second one ( is working again, that’s great! But the other one is still down. This screenshot doesn’t show much, so I’m not sure if this is what you’re asking for, but… here it is. Thanks for looking into it!
Image 003

And now it’s fixed too. One less thing to worry about for now.