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Can't whitelist domain in Firebase auth

Domain used REDACTED
So I’m using Firebase Auth for my log in and I’ve already added my domain (see above) to Firebase Auth whitelist but for some reason I’m still getting a PERMISSION_DENIED error

domain: "global"
message: "Requests from referer --REDACTED- are blocked."
reason: "forbidden"

IDK what else to do. I’ve already tried clearing cache and redeploying but still no good.

Turns out to be a bug in firebase auth console. I entered my netlify domain blah-blah.netlify.app to be whitelisted and when I checked the actual output in google cloud console; it turned into blah-blah.netlify.com so I just changed that to the correct domain and it’s working now.

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Glad to hear it, and thanks so much for sharing your fix :sparkles: