Cant Login after Signup

Hi I cant Login after signup netlify ?

I want to learning how to using netlify for free hosting static site for my homework.

Any Help

Hey there, @cobaanhidup :wave:

Thanks for reaching out about this! It looks like the login for this email address was marked as a suspicious account by our automated systems-- this is why you cannot currently log in.

Would you please tell us more about the nature of the sites you are intending to upload to our service? What topics will they cover and who do you intend to read them?

I just finished my task about html5 and css3 for statis site. And i want to try build on netlify.

Hey there, @cobaanhidup :wave:

Thanks for following up! I have re-enabled your account and you should now be able to log in. Let us know if you encounter any other related issues. Happy building :rocket: