Can't cancel analytics

Hi There,

I am currently using the free plan to host a few open-source related websites, and I’m bumping up against the free tier bandwidth. One site, in particular, is pretty high:

I enabled analytics, hoping it would show me which files were causing the most bandwidth usage, so I could optimize the site. Unfortunately this information does not appear to be available, so I am trying to disable it. However, when I try to disable it, I get the following error:

“Too many requests. Please try again later”:

Can someone please help me cancel the analytics add on for the site?

Thank you,

Could you wait a few minutes and try again, Carson? That typically means our API has rate limited your IP. If you look in the browser dev tools, you’ll probably see an HTTP 429 response from our API, with a response header indicating the timeout and length of the block.

Trying again quickly will just show the same behavior, so do wait 15 minutes or so before trying again since that will likely clear things up :slight_smile:

If not, let me know what the API response in the dev tools is, please, so we can determine next steps.

I also just wrote to you in the helpdesk around sponsoring your open source projects, so that should help you work around the information you didn’t see in analytics with the heartier included bandwidth allocation (and free collaborators) at that plan level.