Can't bypass default Netlify Form Redirect - ReactJS


I’ve created a form that receives submissions, but the redirect loads the default Thank you page on a different URL rather than my custom page.

Here is the Netlify URL:

If I refresh the page, the URL loads the custom design correctly:

Any suggestions? Thanks! I :heart: Netlify

This is happening because there isn’t a page /success. Instead the single page application is handling this path differently than the ‘empty’ path of just /. There is a custom route for /success in the site javascript.

When the page is refreshed the site javascript (at the path / not /success) sees the path in the URL and creates a custom version of the page for that path.

So, because the page doesn’t exist, Netlify serves the default success page and then the refresh handles the route on the default URL.

To resolve the issue, please create an HTML file for this success page (either as success.html or /success/index.html).

If this doesn’t resolve the issue and/or there are other questions, please let us know.