Can't access site - SSL certificate error - connection not private

Hi! I’ve just published a website to .

  1. In domain settings it says " Your site has HTTPS enabled", however, when I access the site it says that the HTTPS is invalid.

  2. when I go to, I still go to my old website not hosted on Netlify :frowning:

Can you look into this for me please? :slight_smile:

Hi, @alex.pan1021, I see the SSL certificate issued about 7:30 PM PST/PDT today and the SSL certificate is working when I test now.

It sounds like your local DNS resolver had cached the previous DNS record for This caching is controlled by the time to live (TTL) value in the DNS record itself so it isn’t something Netlify can control:

What was the TTL on the previous DNS record for Has that TTL expired now?