Can't Access Projects

I’m having trouble accessing projects within my Netlify accounts. I’m logged into the proper account, can see that that it has two associated sites, but cannot access either of them. They are both now down.

Seeing as my domains are registered to those projects as well, I wouldn’t be able to use them ever again.

This is an urgent problem, please provide assistance ASAP!

Thanks in advance

Hi @michaelgriff55

Are you having trouble accessing the domain or a custom domain?

Can you provide the Netlify site names and the custom domains you are using.

A custom domain. The domain is for reference. I am unable to view the project within my account entirely

The netlify site name I believe is suspicious-colden-ddaf03 @coelmay

The domain is not configured to point to the site suspicious-colden-ddaf03. Additionally the message when visiting suspicious-colden-ddaf03 says the site is suspended, likely as it breached the Netlify Terms of Use Agreement.

There is nothing further I can do in this instance. You will have to wait for a Support Engineer to follow up on this thread or you can try contacting Netlify support via the support page.

I just recently removed the configuration to point the domain to the site as I am urgently trying to get the site live again. I have tried creating a new account and deleting the old one which is why I imagine the site gives the suspended message. When I try and add my custom domain to the new site on the new account, I am getting that:

Another site is already using this domain, Domains must be unique across Netlify. Currently another site is using this domain. If you don’t know which site, please contact support for guidance.

Do you know why this would be the case? @coelmay

The likely reason for this message is because you did not remove the domain from Netlify DNS, only from the site, or if not using Netlify DNS did not remove it from the site, therefore it is still connected to that site.

In either case, a Support Engineer will have to remove it from the site it is currently attached to in order for you to add it to a new site.

I have flagged this post for attention of Netlify Support.

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Hey @michaelgriff55,

That domain is connected to a site in an account that we’ve suspended because of phishing activity. That domain will not be released for further use.

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@hrishikesh something must be wrong, there is no phishing activity happening, I was using the domain to host my company’s website. Can you provide more insight into what phishing activity may have been associated. There must be a way to free my domain. This is absolutely ridiculous

Hey @michaelgriff55,

We’ve responded to this via our helpdesk. Feel free to continue the conversation there.

@hrishikesh I have responded through the helpdesk, can you confirm that you have received my response? I just want to make sure that I did it in the proper way so that our conversation can continue. Thanks and let me know!

Yes, I’ve replied back as well. We can safely continue discussing it there.

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